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Exotic Pet Boarding

At Belton Animal Clinic, our highly qualified attendants take the time to feed, nurture, and lavish attention on your exotic pets when you can’t be there. We provide fundamental care for your unique pet for a healthy and happy boarding experience.

Overnight Boarding For Exotic Pets

Our bird, reptile, and small mammal boarders enjoy separate accommodations away from the dogs and cats and other busy parts of the hospital. This greatly reduces the stress of boarding for these sensitive creatures. Your exotic pet is always cared for and enjoys complete comfort in our climate-controlled facility. We do recommend that you bring your own food as we don’t want to upset your pet’s digestion with a new and different type of food.

A great benefit to boarding your pets at a veterinary clinic is that the staff is trained to recognize medical issues which can be brought immediately to the attention of the veterinarians so that problems can be resolved right away. Also older pets and pets with medical conditions can be monitored more closely and medications given with the confidence that they are supervised by our experienced veterinary team.

Belton Animal Clinic & Exotic Care Center’s boarding facility is often booked well in advance, so please call us early to schedule space for your exotic pet. For the health and safety of all boarders an annual physical exam is required. A recent intestinal parasite/fecal exam is also required, but can be performed at time of boarding. If you would like this service at the time of drop-off, let us know in advance and we will schedule this preventive care and veterinary service.

You can view and print our Boarding Agreement on our Forms and Handouts page.

For a limited time, new clients who board their pet with us will receive 10% off their first stay, whether it’s one day or a week! Hurry though, this special offer will expire! Print the coupon below and bring it with you to your pet's first stay with us.


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