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Alternative Therapies

In addition to our complete offering of basic and special veterinary services–the ones you would find at most practices–Dr. Bradley Bays and her team are also proud to offer a variety of unique treatment options that have produced excellent results with respect to pain management and rehabilitation in animals who haven’t responded in the traditional manner to regular treatment.

Herbal Therapy

Just as humans can benefit from herbal supplements and natural treatment options, your pet can too. Various plants produce extracts that can support organ function, provide pain relief, and provide benefits in ways that pharmaceutical options sometimes cannot.

Cold Laser

Utilizing a low level infrared laser, we can treat a pet’s tissue to provide treatment and relief in instances of pain and inflammation. Additionally, it provides us with the ability to speed healing. It is an excellent resources for pets with arthritis and wounds.

Veterinary Acupuncture

Acupuncture has been shown to restore normal energy flow and relieve pain as organs are able to work more effectively and the body functions better as a whole. Many things are taken into consideration when developing an individualized treatment plan for your pet, including physical examination findings, symptoms, history of medical problems, tongue and pulse examination, palpation of organ association points, your pet’s personality, and answers to the acupuncture questionnaire. Acupuncture is an excellent method, in addition to traditional therapies, used to increase the quality of life of pets suffering from pain, arthritis, and systemic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, Cushing's disease, and kidney disease.

Veterinary Medical Manipulation

Dr. Bradley Bays has completed training and certification for Veterinary Medical Manipulation (animal chiropractic) which is a well-tolerated and non-invasive way to help animals that are in pain and discomfort. Gentle traction and range of motion as well as joint mobilization techniques and specific adjustments in areas of restriction (lack of mobility) are performed that helps patients in restoring increased joint motion and musculoskeletal movement as well as provide neurological stimulation that is needed. Like in people, this therapy not only helps older patients with arthritis and mobility issues but also helps to maintain good health and immune function in younger animals and those involved with agility, performance, and sporting.

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